Writing Automated Tests in Kotlin by Daniel Ekow Melfah

Soak testing involves running the system for an extended period of time to see if there are memory leaks, and it can involve either client or server. Sauce Labs can provide virtual devices to run tests on these devices, with no device lab required. So, by pairing Sauce Labs with an automated testing library, you can run a large number of tests efficiently across virtually any type of Android environment configuration. Ruby is another MVC Architecture-enabled programming language spreading its wings in organizational areas demanding automation. Those areas may either be related to recruitment, compliance, logistics, or risk management.

Is Kotlin good for test automation

For testing across many devices with ease, however, we recommend the Sauce Labs test cloud. It’s not practical to test across every possible type of Android device configuration. Identify the most common device types and software configurations used by your customers, and prioritize testing there.

UI Tests

So these were the top programming languages that can be used for automation testing and help in doing the work at a fast pace. You can choose according to your need and work in a more efficient manner. These automation testers are more effective than manual testing thus making the work easier. Many of them can be installed with minimal effort so that the websites or applications supporting them may perform business tasks concurrently and parallelly .

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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Enters Beta.

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A full suite of Android tests might involve two thousand user interface actions. At two seconds per click, that will take over an hour on one device. Compatibility testing ensures that your app works smoothly across these various devices and device configurations.


These are tests that mirror the way manual tests work by taking the perspective of a user and robotically negotiating the app’s various user paths. This means they exercise the full stack of the application, from the user interface to the front-end business logic, to any kind of server interaction. They can therefore find errors at any level of the technology stack. C# usage has been declining over time so it would make sense to use this language only if you are constrained by your stack’s compatibility with other languages or if your team’s skill set is best suited for C#.

This more closely resembles how the code behaves in production, which gives us more confidence that the feature will work correctly in the application. This in turn means that there is less need to actually open up the application every time. For example, the system under test uses a database to persist its data, using a real database for every test will make the tests run a lot longer. To help with this, a fake database could be written to make the tests faster.

Also, I’m not going to get into details on what Kotlin offers since there is people out there doing a great job . Because unit tests have access to app code and can directly target the smallest bits of logic in your application, they are blazingly fast. Unit tests do not test interactions between app components, however, and thus they are no substitute for end-to-end tests. The most well-known kind of testing, and often highly valuable, involves manually putting a new build of the application on a physical device and running the software, end-to-end, against real servers. Learn the ins and outs of Android app testing – including which types of Android tests to run, which devices to test for, and which best practices streamline Android testing.

  • Initiated and executed a successful load testing strategy using JMeter and Blazemeter.
  • Continuous Integration systems can run tests to validate every change, with an awareness of who made the change and what it was, making debugging and fixing a snap.
  • Supported various teams in developing and maintaining JavaScript test suites in WebDriverIO.
  • In my humble opinion if you want to automate web browsers you pretty much left with one choice, but its a good one and that is selenium.
  • Save time on tedious setup for parallelization of tests on your CI/CD pipelines.
  • For example, the JUnit framework can be used for testing in Java.

Before we can start testing an app, we actually have to create one. For this guide, we will test an app which takes the name of the user and creates a greeting.The app consists of two input views, one output view, and a button. Is a Google first-class Android programming language among Java and C++ which has boosted its adoption and keeps growing every day. This means you will get support pretty easily, not to mention new articles every day regarding uses you can do with the language. Superkotlin.com – SuperKotlin is the website dedicated to the Kotlin language and its community. It contains tutorials, guides, reviews of libraries, interviews to developers.

Robolectric (Integration?) Tests

Collaborated closely with DevOps to schedule and monitor releases for all microservices and front-end applications. Analyzed the current test setup and test execution to find the memory leaks. Supported various teams in developing and maintaining JavaScript test suites in WebDriverIO. Worked on performance testing using JMeter for website products and APIs. Reported the test results to make the necessary changes to improve performance.

This should be a good starting point towards a full migration. Experience the benefits of mobile test automation in the cloud with Sauce Labs by signing up for a free trial. Parallel testing on a test grid can exponentially increase the speed at which tests run.

Is Kotlin good for test automation

We will add the Appium tests in the src/test/kotlin project directory. In fact, the vast majority of my libraries are written in Java and I’m really enjoying working with Kotlin. But I have the chance of converting the project into a language of my choice and I figured this would be a good chance to get Kotlin under my belt. As of Android Studio Version 3.0, Kotlin’s officially joining the Android language family. However, we don’t want to lose our ability to test our app by using a different language.

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Moreover, since Python is a language of choice for machine learning, network servers, video tools, and backend systems, it is quite popular amongst developers. Its popularity translates into a good amount of library and community support. Around 2.5 million websites use Python for their backend or template rendering. Developers https://xcritical.com/ often need diverse data classes for easier identification of classes per their project requirements. This is another area where Kotlin is all equipped to delight the developers. By using Kotlin programming language, Android developers can write code just similar to Java code while spending less coding effort and time.

Is Kotlin good for test automation

A React-native based project to deliver web, iOS, and Android apps from a single code base. I was the SEDT in architecting test automation solutions using Detox and Puppeteer, along with setting up CI for test automation. Set up XCTest and XCUITest for an iOS application used in a research program for road usage in London, UK. Added automated tests to validate the UI/UX and data validation from the API at multiple levels.

The repository in the article is Android only, but it can easily be applied to Kotlin Multiplatform since Ktor has great support for it. Will Ben Sims is CEO of Cerdonis Technologies LLC – A software development company that provides a wide range of app development services. Will ben and his team have developed a number of mobile application solutions for various business. Apart from his professional life, Will ben is very good at playing rugby. Learn how to write UI and unit tests in Kotlin with the Espresso and JUnit frameworks in Android Studio, and related app development techniques.

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In this case we can indicate that the driver and caps can be null with “? Kotlin also supports string interpolation by using the “$” character to interpolate a variable or “$” to interpolate an expression. We’ll use this convenient language feature to pass our HeadSpin API Token to our WebDriver URL string. It is well known among Android developers that NullPointerExceptions or NPEs are often regarded to be the biggest reason for sudden crashes of Android apps. Because of NPEs securing the code often becomes a major challenge. This is one major area where Kotlin offers developers great relief by incorporating null safety inherently within the Kotlin language.

Is Kotlin good for test automation

Gained experience in setting up build environments using Jenkins and TeamCity build servers. Worked as part of the scrum team testing the new generation SunSavers web and mobile clients along with back-end and CMS apps. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Reuse specifications and robust refactoring to reduce duplication. Less code and readable specifications means less time spent on maintaining the test suite. In this post we will walk through how we can take advantage of the Kotlin Programming Language by introducing it in our codebase without affecting production code, in this case testing.

Effective Refactoring to Clean Code & Patterns

Created and improved the existing test automation suite for iOS apps using XCUITest. Managed the release process for Android apps using proprietary tools for PCI compliance. Degree in Computer Science with more than a decade of professional experience. His experience and skills are spread across multiple platforms, and Venkata enjoys working in web, mobile, and API test automation environments.

The considerable reduction of errors in QA and production environments is significant and therefore the cost of maintainability is much lower. Automation testing makes easier to perform regressions and integration tests very simply and repetitively. To go to the point, the following project is a basic and simple introduction to automation testing using Kotlin, TestNG, Selenium and Page Object Model; For this particular case we will use a small source — YouTube. We will make a search of the video of a song that I like a lot, after this, we will reproduce the video.

I kind of like the static typing of C-style languages, which is something that Kotlin offers. And for a this large of a project, I feel as though it is something that would definitely pay off in the long run. qa automation engineer kotlin job You can learn how to use functional programming, UIAutomator, Kotlinx, and KotlinTest in your tests. And always keep in mind that if your Kotlin code doesn’t look good, there’s probably a better way.

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By modeling Web pages as objects, it is necessary to find and identify the elements we will require to automate our test cases. Firefox has FireBath and FirePath extensions available for this purpose and which must be installed to be able to use them, they facilitate to locate all the web elements needed for automation. Kotlin takes the best of Java and Scala, the response times are similar as working with Java natively, which is a considerable advantage over Scala. Another favorable point is that Google adopted it as the official programming language for Android, this denotes the stability of the language.

However, the tests use a lot more production code in a single test case, which does take more time. From my experience working with these types of tests on Kotlin Multiplatform, I didn’t see anything worrying about the test speed (besides Kotlin / Native taking longer). Additionally, if the KMM code base is modularized then only the tests from a given module are executed, which is a much smaller portion of the code base. On Android, a unit is usually considered one class where all of its dependencies are mocked, probably using a framework like Mockito or Mockk. These frameworks can be easily, abused which leads to brittle tests which are coupled to the implementation details of the system under test. However, these types of unit tests are the easiest to write and read .