Square QuickBooks Integration: How to Connect QuickBooks Online

connecting square to quickbooks

Liabilities includemerchant processing fees, tips, gift cards, etc. But the sales tax is indisputably the most important one. Businesses are required by law to collect sales tax on behalf of the government and remit them to the government. You can’t use it to pay your employees, buy food or bar inventory or pay any other expenses. Dancing Numbers is SaaS-based software that is easy to integrate with any QuickBooks account.

  • Only Admin users of QuickBooks Online can connect and maintain applications for their company or firm.
  • Once activated, the app monitors your Square account for all transactions, including sales, refunds, taxes, tips, and discounts.
  • You have the option to import a daily summary or individual transactions.
  • Insert Square in the Search apps field then choose to Sync with Square.

While browsing the information, it’ll be displayed as a “Square Customer”. Be sure the app is now connected with your user ID. Go with all the prompts given on your screen to complete the process. Be sure to allow Intuit to enter your Square account. Insert Square in the Search apps field then choose to Sync with Square.

Square has more payment features

Here, you can find the smart synchronization functions within the PayTraQer to meet up with accurate “Sync” and reconciliation processing. A valid QuickBooks online account is needed and you are registered as the master accountant https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ or the master admin. At this time this is still considered a feature request @rootandstem1. I will share your post and feedback with the product team for their visibility and consideration regarding this matter.

  • All sales made through Square – regardless of sales channel – are integrated in your account.
  • Your customer’s sync subscription will begin after 15 days.
  • The foremost step is to set the accounting solution for reconciliation.
  • This way you don’t need to make a separate transaction in your QuickBooks account for Square sale because they will be downloaded automatically.
  • First, go to the Square and export your products and services in a .csv format.

Here are the steps to connect your Square merchant account and QuickBooks Online to download sales transactions prepared through Square. A good integration app should automatically break these fees out for you and book them to the correct accounts in QuickBooks. You’ll be able to “match” the deposit in your banking feed, eliminating the need for you to log into Square to get them. PayTraQer offers solid Square integration with QuickBooks. That means no unread data, missed transactions and other costly mistakes. Enjoy error-free importing of hundreds of Square payments into QuickBooks a day without any hiccups.


We can resolve all your QuickBooks errors and other accounting software issues. Always remember, if you do not import your current Square product and service items, then everything becomes a default “Square Item” label. If you haven’t previously, create new accounts in QuickBooks. You will use these to track your class sales, expenses, and fees. Square only syncs with a QuickBooks online account. When you connect to Square and begin downloading transactions, you cannot import them into another QuickBooks Online account.

  • When the order is closed on the day the final payment is received and the sales details are added to QuickBooks, QuickBooks will then adjust out that prior payment.
  • With Square QuickBooks integration, you can import the data of more than 18 months of all transactions.
  • Sales transactions and item details are captured in sales receipts.
  • In QBO, this feature can be used by pressing Find Apps.
  • And if you took out a loan from Square Capital, Square will deduct loan payments from your sales before you even see your money.

Do you know why you use Square to process payments? You can bring your sales transaction into QuickBooks automatically with the connect to Square app. Then QuickBooks categorizes and matches them to our bank records. What you have to do is review and approve the work.

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These cards are meant to give direct access to transactions received and could count as your main business account. Our software will map the billing and shipping information, total merchant fees, line items, and taxes to QuickBooks. Connex can sync stock updates from QuickBooks to Square. Our tool can match settlements from Square with QuickBooks deposits. Update the income account, sales tax code, by clicking on the ‘Edit’ option next to ‘Defaults’. Before clicking the Continue button, double-check that you have QuickBooks Online and the correct company files open on your desktop screen.

  • It seems straight forward but I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks, advice or recommendations regarding this.
  • Retailers, restaurants or other face-to-face businesses will probably prefer Square for its user-friendly POS systems for any industry.
  • Once the sync is complete, open it again to review the settings.
  • In this article learn how to “reconcile Square Deposits in QuickBooks Online using PayTraQer“.
  • On pressing Get App Now, Sync with Square will be installed.
  • Furthermore, using Dancing Numbers saves a lot of your time and money which you can otherwise invest in the growth and expansion of your business.

To see the transaction details, click the triangle on the right side of the daily transactions connecting square to quickbooks summary. You can select all transactions, all transactions in a day or individual transactions.

Intuit QuickBooks and Square

The number of features depends on the versions of the software and platform that are being synced. Your Square transactions can be synced with QuickBooks once a day and will be available at Midnight PST. Therefore let’s cut to the chase and give you our verdict on integrating Square and Quickbooks. Save time and venture into new forms of business flexibly by integrating your Quickbooks Online account with Square using PayTraQer.

connecting square to quickbooks