Nick Karean

Nick has been in the customer service and call center industry for about 30 years. Prior to Malaysiakini, he provided customer support and lead a team in Mobikom, Scicom, VSource, VADS, Astro & Maxis.

Nick was presented with the ‘Extra-Mile Award’ in the areas of Customer Service & Call Center Excellence. He has also worked in Cross-Cultural Communications (US, UK, Australia & New Zealand Market Support).

He currently assists in heading the Customer Service and Membership Development Team in Malaysiakini while also being its very own ‘Director of Creative Production’. He has experience in guerrilla (independent) action filmmaking and scored a distinction in video-journalism production.

Nick loves action – hates drama. He is a cinematics hobbyist, and what he does in his downtime can be seen on his blog – because Tony Stark did say, “Everybody needs a hobby…” 😉