Off the beaten path: A sanctuary under threat


That’s the number of animals whose lives are at stake as they face the looming threat of an eviction.

Started in 2006, Furry Friends Farm (or, FFF) is a 2-acre animal sanctuary based in Kundang, Selangor. Situated in between Rawang and KL, it is about a 35 minute drive from Bangsar, and is a haven for animals who are neglected or rejected by society.


Cats and dogs (and a goat who thinks he’s a dog) of all ages, who suffer from various health problems like diabetes or kidney disease, who are mobility, visually or mentally impaired as well as perfectly fine critters who happen to be disowned, abused, abandoned or rescued call the Furry Friends Farm their home and haven.

Every furkid here has a name, a personality, and a past and as much as the sanctuary management can guarantee, they are provided a permanent place in the sanctuary, living as dignified beings with their needs seen to, until the end of their days on Earth.

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The Sanctuary

These lucky ones, once sneered at by society, get a second chance at life as they receive tender, loving care under the watchful and experienced eye of the Sanctuary Manager, Georgie Gisborne. Her associate, Myza Nordin, serves as the President (and PR person), while Dawn serves as their treasurer.

Together with the regular volunteers and paid workers at the farm, FFF took in and tended to strays, the abused and the abandoned. They still do take in cases now, but with the high volume of animals under their care and their strict no-kill policy, intakes are on a very selective basis.

Unlike other shelters, FFF is unique in several ways. Firstly, their animals never live in cages, or tight, confined spaces. They get plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise in the vast compound.


The denizens of FFF live with a schedule. The dogs are let loose into the courtyard on a rota so they get extra sunshine and exercise as they frolick on the green grass and earth –


– while the cats live in a cattery with access to an outdoor garden via a tunnel.

The cattery is divided into two main areas (one for FiV pawsitive and the other for uninfected felines), whilst the dogs live in enclosures separated by packs (where each enclosure has 1 – 3 Alpha males and females leading a pack).

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In the long run, Georgie and friends believe in educating the public about basic, proper and ethical treatment and care of animals, and the farm is a perfect hands-on way the public can experience this. As a strictly no-kill sanctuary, they respect all lives and will not and never will kill any animal within the sanctuary’s walls.

The Hard Truths

All these don’t come for free, of course. The non-profit, non-governmental organisation’s monthly costs to upkeep the sanctuary for these 500 lives can come up to RM 40,000, inclusive of staff wages, food and other overheads.

As if it was not difficult enough to maintain donations for the upkeep of the area, the place these animals call home is now under siege by unfortunate circumstances as the land they are on now, needs to be sold off.

The price tag?

RM 2.7 million.

Looking for a Miracle

Right now, they are looking for a miracle of miracles – either they raise the RM 2.7 million on their own, or a kind soul agrees to buy the land and rent it to them for the long term.

The other alternative is that they relocate, but with that comes its challenges.

For one, the immense logistics may very well incur more costs, on top of running costs – and they still will not be owning land to call their own.

Secondly, it is very likely that such a move will result in severe stress in the animals and result in many deaths, especially for more sensitive creatures like cats.


Thirdly, the current sanctuary is already sitting on land space that has been built-up and renovated. Everything has been neatly organised into separate pens and play areas – relocating would render all the previous work done pointless as they have to start rebuilding from scratch again.

Every little bit counts

And this is why they are reaching out to you, the community.

If 300,000 people can donate RM 10 each, they would have a little more than enough – it doesn’t take much to do your part to help these innocent and loving furkids retain their home.

Donations – no matter how small, help. Spreading this to your friends, family, and everyone here and overseas, helps.

They don’t have much time -only two more months before the landlord puts it up for sale.

Can you help? Will you help?


To donate, please visit the links below. For local donations, you are advised to bank in direct to their local bank account (details below)

i. Indiegogo campaign

ii. Paypal

iii. Direct bank transfer (local bank)

Bank: Public Bank

Account No: 317 884 2626

Account Name: Furry Friends Farm

For more information or to schedule a visit, you may contact Myza Nordin (President) at 016 371 7692.