Malaysiakini celebrates its third successful Media Relations course


Last October, our spacious Malaysiakini office played host yet again to the third iteration of Campuskini’s popular and well-received media relations workshop.

Previous sessions of the Facing the Media workshop similarly garnered highly positive feedback with many compliments for the trainer and quality of content.

The Expert in the House

cikgulagiCertified Professional Trainer M. Krishnamoorthy is a media relations expert who has been a journalist for almost 30 years.

An old hand at understanding how the media works over here in Malaysia, Krishna has lectured extensively on the media in Universities as well as conduct media trainings for not just the corporate sector, but government ministries as well.

A truly unique workshop

It is currently the only course available in the country that is being taught by not just a Certified Professional Trainer, but also someone with over 30 years of experience in the media industry.

This course aims to empower and train individuals such as CEOs and higher executives and those in Corporate Communications, Public Relations or Corporate Affairs to be able to adequately deal with the demands of the media.

Editor-in-Chief of Malaysiakini, Steven Gan, gives tips to participants on what the media actually wants

Furthermore, participants are exposed to editors and journalists from Malaysiakini who drop by to answer questions and share their experience and knowledge, giving participants a rare glimpse into the finer workings of the media and what they actually want.


Not a boring moment

Krishna facilitates learning of key concepts and points with highly interactive and engaging training methods.

For example, he employs informal discussions during sharing sessions and switches to hands-on practice writing sessions, often in settings of small clusters or groups of participants. This way, knowledge is shared and ideas are debated upon, making the learning process engaging and lively.

Tea sessions are kept entertaining as personalities such as Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran may drop by to have a friendly chat with the participants. Sometimes, external media personnel such as senior journalists from other media organisations may even sit in the session to share their insights as well!

Students often form strong networks with each other through the close bond and friendships forged in class. In fact, there’s even a Facebook Group for all alumni to keep in touch with each other!

pr goonies

The ‘PR Goonies’

The learning that truly matters

Utilising his years of insider knowledge and experience, Krishna greatly understands the needs of corporations and imparts his knowledge in areas that truly matter. By highlighting and targeting realistic media issues from an expert’s perspective, participants are able to benefit from the unique insight that formal education cannot often deliver well on.

As an example, press releases are a staple for PR people, but writing effective and winning press releases are not things that come naturally to most.

Arguably more an art-form than a science, the ability to identify and grasp the nuances of tone and subject positioning in the press release for optimal impact to the reader are skills that come with experience … or for the students in our workshop, tips and tricks that are readily avaliable from an individual who has had years of experience in that particular field.


Exclusive, limited intakes per year

Thee workshop is exclusive with a maximum of 15 participants per intake and with about 3 to 4 sessions per year.

The next intake would be in February 2016, but we are opening up registrations of interest early. You can check out the course contents and pricing on Campuskini’s website.

For more information, please contact Campuskini Coordinator Jamilah Lim via email: or call 03-7770 0000 (ext 109).