Organisations can benefit greatly from understanding the media

a few cut out figures made of newspapers“Understanding the media isn’t rocket science”

And rightfully so, when we have media maestros like M. Krishnamoorthy who are willing to share their immense knowledge and skills to individuals outside of the media.

Organisations are in a better position to maintain a great image and reputation when they are better able to understand and manage media relations by understanding where the media is coming from and more importantly – knowing what exactly it is they want.

This, in turn, equates to better success with increasing positive publicity for your organisation.

In fact, it is entirely possible to learn how to navigate the oftentimes precarious terrain that is the Malaysian media and build effective media relations, in only two days!

The third iteration of Campuskini’s popular media relations course, ‘Understanding the Media’, will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2015, and this time, has a special, additional focus on writing winning and effective Press Releases.

The two-day masterclass and hands-on workshop conducted by Certified Professional Trainer M. Krishnamoorthy, who has almost 30 years of media experience under his belt, will be held at @KINI in Petaling Jaya, an accessible training location for plenty of organisations in the Klang Valley.

Furthermore, this time round, the course is completely HRDF-claimable!

“Often, many misunderstand the course and think that it is only for those in the media.

“That’s not entirely true, because this is especially essential for organisations who want to learn how to build better relations with the media in a more professional, respectable and effective manner”, – Jamilah Lim, Campuskini Programme Coordinator.

Previous participants of the course have included professionals from PR companies, NGOs and even Government statutory bodies like Tourism Malaysia!

“It is a very practical course; Mr Krishnamoorthy shared his experience in crisis management as well as technical skills in dealing with media practitioners, which benefits us a lot.

“I think all media or Public Relations practitioners must attend this course to get first hand information and insight on the latest issues happening around us.” – Hendy Tan, an executive with Tourism Malaysia.


“The workshop provided an excellent platform for the sharing of minds and methodologies. Crises come in different shapes and sizes. And we discovered the different approaches to bring great resolve.Great course to attend.” – Ghazalie Abdullah, Chief Strategist, GRA Communications Sdn Bhd

The Kini Editorial experience

Most media courses out there serve to lecture and focus on theory.

Here, there won’t be boring lectures, but instead, a lot of interactive practical exercises such as role plays, mock interviews, video clips and refreshers to ensure that the course content is easily digestible, highly engaging and very relatable to executives working in Malaysia.

Furthermore, top Malaysiakini editors will also be dropping by to share tips and tricks on how to effectively interact with reporters and other media personnel. This is also a great way to get your most pressing media questions answered by the top guns of Malaysiakini!

KiniBiz CEO and Founding Editor, P. Gunasegaram answers questions from the floor at a previous Facing the Media workshop

“The course covers the practical and conceptual approaches, often under an informal environment, thus making the contents easy to remember.

“On top of that, a very interesting and memorable part of the course was the up close and personal interviews we conducted with the Malaysiakini editors.”, – NKF Manager and former Bank Negara executive Teo Say Guan.

Seats are LIMITED. 

For more information or to sign up, please visit Campuskini’s website.

Alternatively, please contact Ms. Jamilah Lim at 03-7770 0000 (ext 109) or email for more information or to register.