How to record your screen in Windows 10 or Windows 11

You must have the Xbox gaming app, which usually comes with all new editions of Windows 10. You can also find it in the Windows app store for free. Next, you’ll need to select the area of the screen that you want to record.

This is a really lame choice on Microsoft’s part. Additionally, you can’t disable the Recommended area if it’s something you know you’re not going to use. Even if you clear it and turn the feature “off,” a big empty space that cannot be collapsed or hidden will remain. This makes the whole UX look a little silly, as you can’t use that extra space to show more pinned apps if that’s something you’d want to do.

How to Screen Record on Windows 10 with Audio Easily

You can instantly widen the range of your PC’s functionality by simply learning how to change the orientation of your screen. It’s easy to do this and you have three methods to choose from. If you have more than one screen, make sure that you have selected the right screen you want to rotate. Another way for you to rotate Windows 10 screen is with the use of different keyboard shortcuts. It’s relatively faster than the first method, especially if you are more comfortable in using your keyboard instead.

  • The keyboard shortcuts have been disabled on the recently updated version of Windows 10.
  • Here’s how to get Windows 11 today, if you have a new PC that just shipped with Windows 10 or a device that’s source allowed to upgrade to Windows 11.
  • If you don’t want to record everything on your display, you can instead record the contents of a single open program.
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

Before attending medical school, Dr. Ephrat served as Chief Designer and Developer at Advanced Communications and Logical Systems. You may find it helpful to create your hotkey if you frequently switch between screen orientations. It’s the standard that you use for web browsing, surfing, and other tasks.

To get to Display Settings, either right click on your desktop and select Display settings or type “display settings” in Windows Search. From there, you can choose your display orientation – Landscape, Portrait, Landscape or Portrait . These are some ways using which you can rotate the screen in Windows 11. You can rotate your screen using the settings or the Intel graphics command center. The last option is optional, and you can only use this method if you have an Intel graphics card.

Horizontal or Vertical Lines on the Computer Screen: Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7

According to Microsoft’s Windows 11 overview page, the following items delineate the basic requirements a PC must meet for Windows 11 to install properly on that machine. At present, Microsoft has relaxed those restrictions, so that out-of-compliance PCs can run Windows 11 within the Insider Program. But when the official release goes out later this year, those machines will no longer be able to upgrade to newer Windows 11 versions. On a similar note, Windows 11 has also experienced performance problems with some solid-state storage devices. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix at the time this article publishes. In the grand scheme of things, the Windows 11 upgrade issues seem relatively minor, and Microsoft will likely iron them out as more and more organizations adopt this latest operating system.

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In fact, most laptops have a feature that allows you to rotate the screen. The only thing that varies from one laptop to the next is how the screen is rotated. Most laptops and computers include a screen rotation feature, but it’s one of those features that you won’t use very often.