How to play craps online

If you bet with the Shooter you place a Pass Bet, and if you bet against them you place a Don’t Pass Bet. It can be intimidating to try something new – perhaps you’ve experienced online poker or baccarat but never tried craps. You may even have watched a game at a craps table in a casino and tried to figure it out. Here are the basics to help you understand the game of craps.

  • Systems, where you increase your bet after losses, can make you run out of money quickly.
  • Many casino players in Canada prefer to play online Craps and other casino games on their mobile devices.
  • Free games are usually just a demo version that you can play instantly, no download or deposit required.
  • Any reputable Craps player knows that there are two types of bets available – multi-roll and proposition.
  • In any case, the dealers will do everything possible to avoid misunderstandings.

Based on our experience, free Craps is one of the simplest casino games. We at InisdeCasino have reviewed dozens of online craps casinos over the years, to compile our list of recommendations that we have been constantly refining to this day. Our detailed casino reviews examine all aspects of the casinos so you can get a clear picture of what it’s like to play there without needing to sign up yourself. The best and most productive way to stay safe while gambling online is to stick with regulated and licensed online casinos. Online casinos go through various tests and checks to make sure they represent a legitimate betting environment.

Best Casinos to Play Craps

When you practice craps and play craps online for fun, though, you will naturally develop a feel for the craps bet’s odds and become better at beating online casino odds. You can read our online casino reviews here at When you visit sites that have been recommended by us, we encourage you to check out the welcome bonus offered for signing up and making a real money deposit. This helps as it gives you a little extra money to play craps online.

Naturally, if the dice display one of them, you win the stake. Online Craps is a gambling game in which punters place various bets and throw two dice, the same as traditional Craps. However, on watching a single session of Craps in a real casino lobby, one is likely to become perplexed with the whole deal characterized by the authentic Craps-style yelling and rapidness.

Online Features Supporting Your Strategy

We offer our guarantee that our resident craps online experts have thoroughly tested out the sites to ensure that you experience this great casino game how it should be. The thing about online craps is that you will never be the shooter. In fact, it makes it a lot easier to bet against the shooter, without drawing scathing looks from everyone else at the table. And based on the house edge, you should bet against the shooter anyway.

These standing bets can be placed any time, before any roll, and pay 1-to-1. A standing bet against the shooter, this bet wins if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, loses if a 7 or 11 is rolled, and becomes a wager that the Point will not come again before a 7 if any other number is rolled. This bet can only be placed on the shooter’s first roll, before a Point is established. A standing bet on the shooter, this bet wins if a 7 or 11 is rolled, loses if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, and becomes a wager that the Point will come again before a 7 if any other number is rolled. Playing for money online can be loads of fun, however there is always a chance that you might lose.

Online Craps Bonuses

We’re big into craps and the best strategy that works for us is to get comfortable with all the betting options available. Know the odds and the payout percentage and think about potential repercussions of losing. If you play recklessly, you will lose a lot of money very quickly. At the same time manage your bankroll and never chase your loses. The most common bet in craps online is the ‘pass line bet’, a bet on a series of rolls of the dice.

  • Casinos also give returning players reload deposit bonuses, reward points that can be converted to cash and more.
  • The games come with all sorts of variations and gimmicks, so you can simply pick and choose the look and feel of the craps game you want to play.
  • Betting on the “dark side” means that you make a don’t pass or don’t come bet – against the shooter – which is not so appreciated.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Player may purchase tickets for Draw-Based Lottery Games Played Online through Direct Pay on .
  • Therefore, when deciding which bet to make, you can first study the amount of payments.
  • In addition, OLG and its payment processing service providers may use and disclose aggregated transaction information for various analytical purposes relating to their respective businesses .

Free craps attracts customers with an exciting gameplay in which visitors can not just place bets, but also roll the dice. This means that they can try to influence the outcome of the round. Depending on the top Canadian sites to play craps in, you will have different banking methods to use for installment and withdrawal.

Canadas Best Online Craps Casino Games

A point is the number rolled by the shooter on the come-out roll that’s not a natural or crap number, and the market refers to the point in a craps game. Our lists of recommended Craps casinos will give you highlights on bonuses, main features and Craps games you can find at each specific Craps casino. Once you found your favourite Craps game, don’t forget to claim a generous bonuses which is available if you register through Protect your Passline bets by implementing the 3 Point Molly betting system.

Avoiding bets higher than a tenth of your total balance is an efficient strategy for scaling your results. Based on our expertise, we’ve noticed that a large number of newbies start their Craps journey with real money, without even understanding the core mechanics and bets available. Yes, it is legal to play craps in Canada, whether you prefer to play online or offline. Simply select the casino games you are interested in from the links above, which will take you to our specific casino recommendations for those games. The Pass Line bet has the lowest house edge of just 1.4% and is a popular bet for this reason.


This section includes a guide of the various online Craps bets. Especially do not like delays, visitors with prejudices who believe that luck can not be knocked down. Also, many people believe that violating the etiquette of the game and neglecting standard expressions reduces the chances of winning craps for fun.

Online Craps

When it comes to rules, the dice game basically has the same rules as many other casino games. Generally, the game is played at a land-based casino that significantly favour the house. At 7Sultans, the simple-to-learn and engaging casino game, traditional craps, is available to play wherever you go. Craps is usually the glamourous game you see being played in the casinos in movies and popular media, a testament to its stylish and entertaining format. A variation of the English game of luck, “Hazard,” craps is incredibly easy to learn and get involved in. Of the many craps casinos that we’ve reviewed, King Billy Casino stands out as our top pick for Canadian players.


A come-out roll of any other value establishes a point of that value. The betting then continues into the next round, with the shooter continuing to roll and players betting on the outcome of each roll. If the shooter rolls that number point again before rolling a 7, the bet wins. However, if a 7 is rolled before the number point, the bet loses. In a nutshell, you have the choice to make several wagers at the craps table. The main objective of craps is to correctly predict if the roll of two dice will result in a winning combination.

Online Craps

This suggests that all financial transactions take place without any technical problems and with a high level of security. Fast Payouts and Deposits – the casino must offer banking options that will help you load and cash out as quickly as possible. Don’t Come – It is the reverse of the Come bet and can also be made at any time while the game is in progress.

After you roll the dice, the value of their numbers is added together. The pass line bet will pay you even more money if you roll 7 or 11. Moreover, your bet will be completely lost if you roll 2, 3, or 12.

  • In High Point Craps, the dice is rolled until any numbers other than 2 or 3 land.
  • This makes the game to be a popular one, with there being no complicated strategies and tricks on the road to winning.
  • With the right knowledge, we can skim a few layers off that stack, increasing our chances of beating the house.
  • Jackpot City has the craps game available in their casino lobby.
  • Another gambler by the name of John H. Winn further developed the game by introducing the “Don’t Passline” bet.
  • The scammers sharpened the bones used for craps with a displaced center of gravity.

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The pace of the game may also seem quite fast to novice punters. That is why playing craps online has advantages, including the absence of this stressful environment. Everyone can slowly learn the terminology, bets and rules while sitting at the computer. Like most casino games, you can play online craps for real money. All you have to do is make a deposit and place real wagers to win. Craps is a game in which everyone at the table, apart from the house, can win.