Binance or Coinbase: Where to Invest?

coinbase customer service

In a nutshell, there must be a good reason why one exchange is more popular than another. There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange for you, and each one is important in its own way. Whether you want to trade currency for another digital currency, asset or just fiat money , then either Binance or Coinbase can help you do so without the need for a broker. Some Coinbase functions are restricted in certain countries. You may not buy and sell cryptocurrency if you are located in an area with these limitations in place.

coinbase customer service

Therefore, CEX is one of the many Coinbase alternatives if you don’t want to miss out on price action during periods of high volatility. They have better uptime than Coinbase and rarely suffer downtime when the market moves adversely. Meanwhile, both Coinbase Review and Coinbase mandate the use of these security features and thus are closely tied to this one. Lastly, for each state where it holds an operating license in the US, the company has a $1m surety bond that will be used to compensate users for any loss.


Thanks to the popularity of cryptocurrency over the past few years, there are hundreds of exchange platforms on the market… Gemini is a privately-owned cryptocurrency exchange platform, which was founded in New York City in 2014 by… Coinbase fees reduce in proportion to the total amount of the transaction, so a larger purchase will saddle you with lower fees than a smaller one. This is important to keep in mind if you are only intending to purchase a small amount of cryptocurrency, as you could end up spending a significant proportion of your investment solely on usage fees. In terms of rivals, Coinbase is not the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and is considered to be more for amateur traders.

Despite launching way back in 2015, it was only in 2020 that Gemini opened its world-class cryptocurrency exchange services to European customers. In the United States, Gemini is often considered a worthy Coinbase alternative, and the same can now be said for UK users seeking alternatives to Coinbase. Based on the results of this vs Coinbase review, we see that both exchanges tie closely in different segments of their products and services, including reputation, security, and customer verification. vs Coinbase are two popular cryptocurrency exchanges that serve both U.S and U.K customers. If you’re confused about choosing between these two trading venues, then you’ve come to the right place. With this wallet, investors can store more than 500 different coins and tokens . It also gives you direct access to decentralized exchanges where you can trade your Ethereum-based assets with ease.

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Most account restrictions are resolved within a couple of days, so you should be back to trading in no time at all. If a transaction received a chargeback or was reversed, it may prevent Coinbase from processing further orders. You should inform the platform’s customer support team if a recent trade resulted in either a chargeback or a reversal. Given the amount of cryptocurrency that was stolen in the last year alone, it is important to establish that the exchange you are considering is as safe as possible. In this instance, storing your digital currencies in cold storage would be the most appropriate option. Coinbase also offer their users a Coinbase Visa Debit card, allowing them to spend their crypto anywhere in the world. This works in exactly the same way as it would a fiat currency, including contactless options, PIN, and cash withdrawals from any ATM.

  • The company’s insurance policy will reimburse users if they ever suffered a security breach on its hot wallets.
  • If you have not provided all the necessary Know Your Customer documents, Coinbase will restrict your account to only accepting cryptocurrencies.
  • Each interface can differ, so it will depend on your own personal preference as to which one works best for you.
  • There’s also an option to update your new number but you still need the previous number in order to make that update.
  • Coinbase’s cyclicality is further driven by the ebb and flow of investor interest in cryptocurrency.
  • Coinbase no longer allows users to use a margin trading account, yet you can short crypto based on a downward trend in any given cryptocurrency.
  • At this point, however, I am stuck and my account has been frozen.

Gemini has a mobile app available for Android and iOS users. CoinMama has an excellent support team that users can easily reach via the LiveChat option on the website.

Pros & Cons

Coinbase will send you a link to confirm your email address. Account-holders with Coinbase can access limited crypto staking on the platform. Check if there are any current promotions where you can earn free crypto. All accounts have an initial £100,000 per-day withdrawal limit. If that’s not enough, you can request a higher withdrawal limit in your account settings. If there’s one thing that Coinbase is known for, it’s the company’s convoluted and expensive fee structure.

  • Coinbase is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges across the world.
  • The incident was a notification mistake and no accounts were actually compromised.
  • Here’s a look at the most important fees that the company charges to account holders.
  • Coinbase became the first owner of the license issued by BaFin for crypto custody business to continue its business as financial services.
  • Once logged in, users are immediately faced with their portfolio balance on the main dashboard as well as the performance of their portfolio across a set time frame.

For instance, since it launched, there have been challenges involving using the platform in the US. Binance has a comprehensive user interface that displays all the information you need in one place, which can make it easier for beginners. This resource is intended to be used in conjunction with a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

How to Choose the Best Coinbase Alternative

Coinbase is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. It offers a quick and simple way to trade dozens of top coins plus a plethora of additional features that help you make the most of your digital assets. At this point, you will be able to set up a payment method for your account.

coinbase customer service

Account-holders in the UK get access to a variety of payment methods in British Pounds , Euro , and crypto. Your payment and account funding options with Coinbase vary based on your country of residents.

Author: Chaim Gartenberg