Beyond the Superficial and into the Heart of Malaysiakini

As a young teenage intern working at Malaysiakini, a news source probably more independent than myself, I was sure that my job was to simply drift around and finish my work quietly. One can imagine how surprised yet delighted I was by the kind and friendly welcomes that greeted me, all of which assured me that this would be a place of warmth as opposed to cold formalities. This warmth is prominent all throughout the building, from the reception area all the way to the editorial department, the largest department at @Kini. With some employees in jeans and others in flip-flops, Mkini’s environment is the epitome of all things comfort.




DSCN2673Quite recently in December 2014, Malaysiakini shifted into its fully owned home in Petaling Jaya. The building is a much larger office than previously and it is named @Kini, a celebration of the tireless support from the public as well as the people who made Malaysiakini possible until today.

DSCN2679Smiles and chitchat are constantly exchanged in departments and when employees pass one another. The casual communication ironically secludes Malaysiakini from the world of citizens that text each other despite being in the same room. Communication is key in a business for unlocking full efficiency, and that is one box Mkini has checked off with a good fat marker. Nonetheless, being a cozy family doesn’t prevent this business from being a high-functioning productive family.


Conducive Environment

DSCN2680Malaysiakini’s working environment is the perfect exhibit of the freedom it wishes to achieve in its speech. After all, Malaysiakini has been voted as one of 6 Malaysian Companies with Awesome Workplace Culture as according to (May, 2015). Not only is the milieu very casual, but also very open in the sense that employees can comfortably voice their opinions or ask questions.


Malaysiakini has a very open environment, one where there is very little bureaucracy. The sharing of ideas and improving of work culture is constantly occurring. There are quite a bit of bosses encouraging stuff for career growth – they send many of our staff overseas to attend conferences or even host them. In addition, the bosses always look into the welfare of the staff.
– Shamini Arumugam, Malaysiakini HR Manager

Whether they’re a junior or a senior, employees feel as though they can freely share their thoughts and concerns to fellow colleagues. With strong communication and the feeling of comfort, employees are able to create wonderfully memorable experience. It is often said that everyday is a memorable one!

“Everyday you meet new people, you see a lot of new things – everyday is a memorable experience!”
– Norman Goh, Malaysiakini Social Media Curator

Each staff member starts off as a colleague but ends up as a friend. Somehow, they all find their own way to fit into Malaysiakini’s culture. Employees can talk to the bosses about anything, even about matters regarding personal growth.


The Big Move

Malaysiakini launched their new office @Kini in PJ as a way to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Moving to a nicer office is definitely a plus point, but the old building is greatly missed.

This new building has bigger space and it’s a lot prettier here, but I kind of miss the old building where we could always see everyone. Here, there’s more space so everyone is spread out. Another good thing though about this new location is that parking is no longer a problem!
– Norman Goh


Written by Anushka Shah, an intern at Malaysiakini.