Are YOU going to help us sketch the future of Internet TV in South East Asia?

TV has ruled our lives and lifestyles, our news and entertainment, our politics and (through advertising) our economics through network broadcasting circa 1949, but its sovereignty is now at risk as people increasingly move towards adopting more mobile forms of TV.


“Linear TV has been on an amazing 50-year run, [but] Internet TV is starting to grow,” – Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO.

Hastings, who pioneers the earnings for the streaming TV site, even goes further to unabashedly assert that linear TV is going to be replaced by Internet TV over the next 20 years.

However, the future of Internet TV is not crystal clear – How will content, delivery, technology and revenue evolve?

For that matter, how are independent publishers able to utilise Internet TV to publish uncensored news and truly reflect the voice of the people? How can independent publishers achieve economic sustainability while still keeping to high standards of video production and content while encouraging investigative journalism?logo

Enter the South East Asia Internet TV Conference 2015 

These are just some of the questions this exciting upcoming conference aims to address.

This will probably be the first of its kind in the region – where like-minded individuals with vested interests in Internet TV (such as entrepreneurs, producers, publishers and activists) and who produce independent news or videos can come together in a candid and open manner to discuss, analyse, share and understand global trends and enhance content delivery and technological know-how in order to further sketch a successful landscape of Internet TV in South East Asia.

We warmly invite all parties with vested interests in the growth of the Internet TV industry to join us as we sketch future of Internet TV in South East Asia. Hear from speakers such as Ross Settles (Senior Advisor for Digital Media, MDIF), Clement Gosse (Partnership Director, Dailymotion), Chia Ting Ting (Head of Advertising & Digital Marketing, FG Media) and other regional independent producers such as Cambodia’s CCIM, Thailand’s Prachatai, Singapore’s TheOnlineCitizen, TV Selangor, and more!

Please note that admission is on an invite-only basis at the discretion of KiniTV.

For more information, visit our website here.

See you there!