20 Online Jobs that Require No Degree and Pay $20+ Hour

As the name suggests, this job involves answering technical queries from customers or businesses, and providing assistance for problems with computer or electronic systems. Increasingly, businesses requiring this support are hiring specialists to work remotely.

  • Increased productivity – While this is still up for debate, studies suggest that home-workers are more productive, and most people who work from home would agree.
  • Teachable is poised to offer best-in-class solutions to this ever-growing market.
  • Different types of writing include blog writing, SEO writing, product description writing, email writing, web copywriting and more.
  • Teachable encourages individuals from a broad diversity of backgrounds to apply for positions.

As a video editor, you will be responsible for creating videos that can be used online. You will need to be able to edit video content and create graphics.

The Best Places to Look for Work-at-Home Jobs

Proofreaders are required to read through documents and correct spelling, grammar and the flow of text. You’re not alone, as over the last few years remote working has gained in popularity, with many seeing the benefits of skipping the commute. While more academically centred than some casual online learning platforms, the edX experience is truly enriching and beneficial for serious professionals looking to excel in their skills. Linkedin learning is a subscription-based e-learning platform that powers your job search to help you better cultivate your skillset.

Most will have a degree or similar in graphic design or another art and design-based subject. If you study hard you can learn to build a website for clients in WordPress within a few weeks. You don’t even need to become a great designer for this since you can simply use WordPress themes from sites likeWoothemesorThemeforestthat will look great right from the start.

Choices for Furthering Your Education Past High School

The only problem might be that when traveling and working you will be in different time zones, so you need to be a bit creative when doing your pitch that you want to do this while traveling. According to statistics, the number of worldwide podcast listeners has grown to 424.2 million this year. This means, that 1 in 5 people using the internet, also listen to a podcast. Many big companies use translators, to avoid making embarrassing mistakes that free tools can make.

ed leaders must develop remote work policy THE Campus Learn, Share, Connect – Times Higher Education

ed leaders must develop remote work policy THE Campus Learn, Share, Connect.

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If you’re not sure how to use LinkedIn, you can look at ouradvice, orwatch some of our tutorials. Receive a free digital badge for passing online assessments, which you can share on yourLinkedIn profile. You could consider starting up your own virtual venture, or working as an independent professional online. Virtual volunteering allows you to contribute your spare time to a good cause, while building up experience and skills in a variety of areas from home. Marketing gurus have estimated that as many as 57% of businesses are planning to increase their budget for influencer based marketing in the year 2020.

Bad or no company website

With 23 online classes in total, the 2-in-1 course goes over the process of transcription, AutoCorrect software, and explains how certain translation and transcription tools work. There are also lessons about the basics of captioning, captioning guidelines and tools, and subtitles. Everything from analysing A/B tests and data wrangling to building learning models and data visualisation. If you’re wondering how to get started, here best courses for remote jobs are the 7 best courses for work from home. This eBook is designed to help you through the process of ‘going digital’ and managing other aspects of life during a pandemic. Any distraction will cause a break in your focus and you may then find it difficult to resume your work. If you feel that you get distracted easily, then try to work from an isolated place and use any application which helps you block social media notifications.

  • Start with job sites that are specific to work-from-home opportunities, like FlexJobs.
  • While most transcriptionist jobs are in the medical field, working for doctors, hospitals, or insurance companies, there are other avenues you can pursue.
  • It’s a good idea to brush up on each company’s style guides to know what they expect.
  • You will also find plenty of groups on LinkedIn that are relevant to your industry or skill set.
  • If you’re someone that loves to travel, a full-time desk job can get in the way.

After all, the money saved on office space, utilities and more makes a lot of sense for businesses. Companies are starting to take notice of these benefits and are beginning to offer more remote work opportunities. In fact, studies show that working from home makes employees happier, resulting in fewer resignations and greater profit for the company. Coursera is usually affiliated with a university, corporation, or other organization.